"We teach each level of the organization to make effictive strategic decisions and hold themselves accountable."

Value Proposition #1

To succeed in today’s uncertain market, organizations must find ways to help their employees work to their full potential on the job. Business insight and strategy can no longer be considered the basic drivers for creating a successful company. Instead, the successful company of the future will have a third major asset: engaged and enthusiastic employees who will drive the company to a high level of success.

What we know, and what research tells us is that the “average” employee uses only 50 to 60 percent of his or her potential at work. Because many companies have downsized, employee numbers have been reduced, leaving the remaining workers to shoulder workloads and challenges that are greater than ever before. But organizations can (and indeed, must) close the productivity gap—by activating the dormant potential in each knowledge and assembly line worker.

How can we accomplish this? As a first step, the leaders of the organization must address the “people issues” that drain the energy and focus of employees. These issues include conflicts, power struggles, unclear objectives, leadership issues, reward and recognition, and the need to feel valued. As an organizational psychologist, this is my field of expertise. When this “noise” is removed from the organization’s daily culture, your organization will experience higher efficiency levels, enthusiastic employees committed to delivering business strategies, and greater innovation from all levels. Ultimately, you will be well positioned to retain these productive employees as the market recovers.